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5 Ideas To Help Plan An Amazing Couple Shoot
cape town couple shoot at sunset

Is planning your couple shoot such a dreaded idea that you think it better to postpone indefinitely? Do you have a mind-block to all things “what-to-wear”, when and where to have the photos taken? Do you have to get your hair and make-up done? Like, really?! Do you dread being in front of the camera because your cousin Sarah took such an awful photo of you at a party event you got dressed up for and thought you’d smashed it?!

Well I am here to help and guide you through this whole thing and plan an amazing couple shoot!

Just like you I have a favourite person. And this year we’ll be married 20 years! Crazy, right?! We too decided on a date, picked a place, an outfit or two and I got my makeup done. Professionally.
And can I be honest it was nerve-wrecking for both of us too! So many factors to consider planning a couple shoot and then if you have one like me a partner that to be honest would rather be doing something else.. Mission!

It’s like “Who has the time to do this?!” I know how life goes and the last thing on your priority list, and budget, are photos. However, this is the big HOWEVER, it is important. Your story is important.

That place in your life right now needs a space on the “mantle”. What I am trying to say is it needs to exist on a physical plane as well, not only in your mind. A connection to you both then and you both now.

When you have this point of view life makes a little more sense. Love is more tangible and grounded. This is what I believe and this is why I also get my ass (and my partner’s ass) out there. Haha, who I am I kidding, I feel as awkward as f*ck, but wow, look how nice the photos came out. See people awkward is the new cool!

Okay, let’s try make this whole process as easy as possible and I’ll share with your 5 Ideas To Help Plan An Amazing Couple Shoot:

  1. Location

    Number one is Location and this is everything. Location will set the tone and help you be the most comfortable being in your element.

    When I say location, this does not necessarily mean somewhere on a mountain top, unless that is your vibe, but what I am trying to say it’s a place that your two really enjoy together. So if that is making some hot-chocolate and snuggling on the couch, then maybe an at-home session is right for you. Going for walkies with your fur-babies is your jam, let’s get them in your car and drive to that spot. More a city person let’s find your special café and turn it into date night. Better yet, a beach location and you make it a weekend getaway. Who needs more motivation than that?

    Incorporating your favourite activities is what will help make your photos more authentic to you. A place where you will feel comfortable cuddling, laughing and interacting within that space.

    We can have a chat and figure out what places are most special to you.

  2. Timing

    I am sure you have heard the term “golden hour”, well it didn’t get its name for nothing. This is the most beautiful time of the day, just and hour before sunset, where all the colours are golden and the light becomes soft. Just the best for those yummy tones and no squinting because the sun is too bright.

    Another time of the day, however this is not for the faint-hearted is the hour before sunrise. It also has those magical factors and double bonus, you get the worm!

    I can help you with this and plan the time just right.

  3. Hair And Make-Up

    Photos require a little more saturated make-up than what you’re used to wearing on an average day. This helps that you don’t look washed out. You can read more here.

    If you’re making the effort to do this photoshoot, make it the best one yet and do the whole shebang. You will feel confident on the day and again, double bonus, make it a date night.

    I am happy to help connect you with great professional hair and make-up artists I have worked with over the years.

  4. What To Wear

    Firstly, wear something you’re comfortable in. This is so important as you don’t want to spend the whole session adjusting and pulling at.

    You want to wear something that makes you feel like million bucks, but can also be okay with you moving around easily and not fretting with too clingy tops, trousers or skirts.

    If you want to get something new, give it a test run first. Also think about the location you have chosen and if the colour will either distract from the background or form a beautiful cohesive palette.
    Have you ever considered hiring an outfit? Try Style Rotate.

    I can help you with this. Once you book your session I will send you my What To Wear Guide and then we can take it from there.

  5. Have Fun

    I know when you think of a photoshoot the last thing you think is it’s gonna be fun. But trust me, I know the feeling.

    I have worked with many couples over the years and yes, it is awkward and “I don’t know where to put my hands” at first. Trust me I got you. If we have planned all the steps from one to four well then the results will be beyond your expectations.

    You two will feel comfortable and things will unfold naturally. Pretty soon you’ll forget you’re even at a photoshoot and rather realise you’re having fun with you’re bestie AND your new third wheel. That will be me by the way ;)

Interested in getting those memories locked into the physical then hop on over to my Get In Touch form and we can start planning something that is uniquely “you”.

couple on cape town beach walking into sunset

couple on cape town beach

couple on cape town beach

couple on cape town beach

couple on cape town beach

couple on cape town beach

couple on cape town beach

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