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5 Things You Should Do Before Booking Your Wedding Photographer
Cape Town Wedding Photographer

I would love to capture your moments with you and for you. If that sounds like it would be your jam… read this list to get to know how I work.  Let’s create some MAGIC together!

Cape Town Wedding Photographer

1. Ask yourself if my style is your jam?

Researching current trends can give you a good idea of what you may or may not like. I don’t stick to a specific style and tend to move more toward real moments and how things actually felt. Creating photographs together with my couples is my jam. You may not find this in expertly curated wedding magazines or blogs. So if you want a more posed, smiling perfectly and dress laying flat unscathed look, I might not be the best fit for you.

Cape Town Wedding Photographer

2. Let’s chat

Reach out to me, let’s start a conversation. I am more than a vendor and you are more than a job. Connection with my couples is my “secret-sauce”. There’s gotta be a vibe, a flow, and to keep it real sprinkles of awkwardness that melts into authenticity. That is my jam.

Cape Town Wedding Photographer

3. Moments over mountains.

I have always been a little bit of a rebel when it comes to traditions. Over and over I hear couples saying “I wish we could get married in a field of wild flowers rather than my parent’s church.” Or “I wish we could have a smaller wedding”. So why the hell not? These moments are yours for the making and you kinda people are my kinda jam.

Cape Town Wedding Photographer

4. Tell me what your best day looks like.

I want to know what’s most important to you. Verbalizing your “F*ck, yeahs!” will manage expectations between us. And helping you make this a stress-free experience is my jam.

Cape Town Wedding Photographer

5. Making the investment.

If I got a “penny” for every time I have heard couples went cheap on their wedding photographer and how they regret it to this day I would be super rich. I am passionate about couples who value making authentic memories and know that these photographs will last a lifetime. This is my jam.

Click here now and let’s get chatting.

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