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7 Reasons Engagement Photos Have Become A Thing
Why Engagement Photos Have Become a Thing

As a photography expert working daily with engaged couples, I get asked often whether engagement photos are a necessary part of the wedding planning process. With so much already on your wedding planning ‘to-do’ list it may seem like just another item to tick off, however, there are probably a number of benefits you have not considered in doing an engagement photoshoot.  Here are my top 7 reasons why engagement photos are a must for every couple getting married.

Why Engagement Photos Have Become a Thing

1.    Celebrate your relationship milestone

The proposal and engagement period are an important next step in your relationship, but they get overshadowed by the big event. Engagement photos capture a special time in your life when you are madly in love and will soon embark on a life journey together.  Taking engagement photos is a great way to remember the most important moments of your relationship. Time flies when you are planning a wedding so take time to savour the special moments.

Why Engagement Photos Have Become a Thing

2. Embrace the adventurous spirit within you

Wedding day photos are often more formal, posed and have time constrains (not to mention hovering family and friends).  An engagement photoshoot, however, is your chance to be comfortable, dress the way you want to, relive cherished memories, favourite hangouts and shared activities you enjoy together.

Up in the mountains, under a waterfall, inner city vibes or rocking that new bed you just bought together; the options are endless. This engagement photo session is a reflection of the two of you, what gives you life, and why you love each other so much.

There are no rules except to make your engagement photos your own. Engagement photos are a great way to share “The Story of Us”, and if you have children, the story of your family.

Why Engagement Photos Have Become a Thing

3.    Build your photo library

Engagement photos make for great material to use for your engagement announcement, Save-The-Date’s, and on your wedding day décor and programs.  If someone is putting together a wedding slideshow it is great to have professional photos that reflect the essence of what you share together.

Why Engagement Photos Have Become a ThingSee more of Lolli & Terrance’s Engagement Shoot here.

4.    Get to Know your photographer

It is so much easier to be in front of the camera when you are familiar with the person behind it. And it also gives me (your wedding photographer) a good idea how you are around each other and what your best angles are, wink-wink.  Not only do I get to know you as a couple, but we get to share your favourite engagement photo ideas and translate them into a story for unique wedding photo ideas as well.

Why Engagement Photos Have Become a Thing

5.    Wedding day confidence

Many people are uncomfortable in front of the camera.  When I get to spend time with my couples, usually in their favourite places, making portraits that share their story so far, it lets them breathe easier on the wedding day. They know what to expect, how I work with them, and any wedding day jitters won’t be heightened by the thought of being photographed.

So now that you have had some time in front of the camera you know just what to expect on your wedding day. One less thing you need to stress about.
In addition, hallelujah for additions, your friends and family will also be relaxed and confident because they get the vibes too.

“You should feel like your photographer is an old friend instead of some stranger you hired on your wedding day. You’ll have more fun, they’ll get better photos, and everyone wins.


Why Engagement Photos Have Become a Thing

6.    Combine it with your hair and make-up trial

All dressed up and nowhere to go?  Don’t waste your hair and make-up trial just to return home afterward to make dinner and get into bed.  Combine your engagement photo session with your beauty trial and your good looks won’t go to waste. Hooray! Why don’t you and your partner go out afterwards for a romantic dinner or whatever gets yours bells a-whistling. Two for the price of one! You’re welcome.

Why Engagement Photos Have Become a Thing

7.    #instabeauty

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous #instabride (to-be)?  Share your love with the world and make your Instagram all the more beautiful by sharing the story of you and your loved one in pictures.  Get the wedding party excited for the big day in the process and keep your Instagram stories a cut above the rest.  C’mon, you know it’s a great idea.


My top tips for your engagement photo session:

  • Engagement shoots are a chance to dress the way you want to, be as silly as you can be, and have a wonderful day with your partner captured on film. Props can be helpful.  Whether it’s your favourite hat, sunglasses, balloons, or even a bicycle, adding a prop can help make a posed photo feel more real and casual.


  • Make sure to pack some different clothing options. A costume change can be a great way to change up your look for multi-location engagement pics.


  • There will inevitably be some shots of the new bling you are boasting so make sure your nails are groomed and your ring(s) clean.


Contact me here to schedule your very own ‘Story of Us’ shoot.

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