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Cape Town Wedding Photographer

Fashionista? Who dis?

So maybe you’re the same as I am, not really a “trendanista”? Second-guessing what looks good on me and what looks good on your partner? Well, this guide is where it’s all at. I am gonna help you understand the fundamentals of looking great and creating images that are timeless and feel more like art than a snapshot you can do anywhere, anytime.

I want to encourage you throughout this guide to wearing what reflects who you are best. When you feel more like yourselves,
you’ll feel more confident and comfortable in the photos!

We’re gonna cover:
Location: Shapes & Textures
Patterns & Logos
Accessories & Props
Hair & Make-Up


It is always a great idea to bring 2 or 3 outfits with for the shoot. Better to have some options we can mix and match than arrive with only one outfit and it does not vibe with the location or the light.


The Focus:

My aim will always be to focus on your faces. This is where most emotion comes from. Choosing right will help achieve this.

Deciding What Colour:

I will always lean more towards neutrals and muted colours as they are forever timeless and less distracting. Choose a colour that is complimentary to your skin tone. If you have an olive skin tone or darker skin it is better to stay away from warm colours such as red, orange, yellow and pink. Which brings us to the next factor.

Colour Reflections:

The colour you are wearing will reflect on your partner’s face. This happens because light reflects and then bounces off your clothes onto the other person’s face. Colours such as fluorescents, pinks, bright reds, oranges and yellows will have the strongest casts. Cool colours may also produce less favourable reflections. Achieving the best skin tone in post-production is almost impossible without changing all the colours in the image so just keep this in mind when choosing what to wear.


I always recommend complementary colours than matchy-matchy. Cringe: white t-shirts with denim. Rather compliment the white t-shirt with a black? Tip: If you do choose a bolder colour in a less busy location I will encourage your partner to wear something simpler to balance it out and to overwhelm the final picture with more colour and texture.

Location: shapes & textures

The location is a big factor when it comes to choosing what you are going to wear. Matching the tone and colour will help to keep the subject, which is you, the main subject. When these are complimentary then there is no competition between them.

To simplify, if the location is really busy (forests, textured walls, etc) it is better to wear something simple (minimal layers, no patterns, accessories or colour variations). And if the location is simple (sand dunes, open fields, clean white walls) you can wear something more stand out (brighter colours, patterns and more layers and accessories), which can add interest and contrast.

Tip: Want to break the rules? Try to combine simple with simple and loud textures or shapes with busy locations. You can do this using colour, complementary textures and shapes.

Patterns & logos

When bringing patterns into your clothing it is better to only have one item of pattern. Too much can be distracting. Be mindful that the patterns in your clothing are not in competition with the patterns in the location. A soft and subtle pattern between both can be harmonious. Logos are a big no-no for me as they compete for all the focus, instead of the focus being your faces.


Adding movement into photos can be achieved by material that can carry movement or blow in the wind. Movement in photos adds energy and life to something that would otherwise be static and boring. Remember to iron your clothing a big wrinkle can be distracting and this is not always possible to remove in post-production. Comfy material trumps hard stiff material always unless you’re on the runway. If the weather is cold bring materials that are warmer and hold in heat better. The layers are great and we’ll have room to play. And visa-versa if it is hot choose materials that are cool and can breathe.

Accessories & props

Accessories are awesome to bring along. Hats, sunglasses, jewellery, scarves, a bunch of flowers, etc. Each one adds interest to your outfits instead of being too plain. One accessory I will insist on removing are watches as they can be extremely distracting when one is trying to focus on close-up moments.

When I mention props it can be your fur babies, a flask of coffee and your picnic basket, anything to accentuate the moment you’re in.


What you wear not only needs to represent who you are but should be super comfortable. It’s hard to get a rhythm going when you’re always tugging on your tight pants or worried your bra straps are showing. Your focus should be on each other and having a jol together.

Hair & make-up

This isn’t a must, but I will always encourage you to do your best to feel as confident as possible. And having your hair and make-up done professionally can do just that.

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