6 Professional Hair And Makeup Tips You Gotta Know

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Professional Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips

There are so many things buzzing through your mind when it comes to your wedding day, and it can be easy to get overwhelmed by it all! These tips will help ease your mind when it comes to one very important aspect of your wedding; your transformation from woman to bride!

Professional Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips

1. Shopping Around

First and foremost, you’ve got to find the right artist for you! Know what you want when it comes to your makeup and hair by looking at different styles and seeing what you relate to most. It is a good idea to have some references of the look you are going for. Next, have a look through some HAMU artists’ portfolios to find the right fit for what you’re looking for. Pay special attention to previous clients with similar features to yours!

Professional Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips

2. Book’em!

Once you have found someone whose style you can relate to, get on that and book as soon as possible! As with all wedding vendors, make sure you don’t wait too long before you lock down the ones you really want.

Professional Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips

3. Styling Advice

Through careful consideration of your hair type and facial features, along with your inspired ideas, we can advise on what will work best for you to achieve your desired look and feel.
With lots of experience working with brides on their wedding day, we are able to help you put the pieces together, and to style your hair and makeup to be in harmony with your dress and overall theme and vibe of your wedding.

Professional Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips

4. It’s Time to Chill!

A pro artist will ease the stress of your big day and help keep things calm and fun, so you can have a stress-free morning with your girls getting beautified.
HMUAs take care of the timing and planning, with a timeline that works with your photographer’s timeline.
We ensure you are fully prepared for your big day with loads of advise on what to do and what to avoid.

Professional Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips

5. Taking You From Everyday… to Your Best Day

Makeup and hair for professional photography differs from everyday wear makeup. Keep in mind that is pros know how to make it work both on and off camera, so you’ll look your most stunning during your wedding as well as in the photos you’ll look back on for years to come.

Professional Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips

Once we have finished making you and your girls look and feel your absolute best, you can relax with the guarantee that your hair and make up will last all day. We make sure to use techniques and products that are long-lasting so that you can focus on having a remarkable day and not fussing with your mascara or curls!

Pro-tips from Elscha at Blazing Beauty

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