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Pafuri Wedding | Hélène and Fergus
Invite and wedding program
Invite and wedding program
Return Africa Logde, Kruger National Park
Pafuri Zebras
Invite and wedding programReturn Africa Logde, Kruger National ParkPafuri Zebras
A Dreamy Escape to Pafuri Tented Camp

In the northern corner of Kruger National Park lies Pafuri Tented Camp, the enchanting setting for Hélène and Fergus’s unforgettable wedding day. Luxury tents along the Luvuvhu River, connected by wooden walkways, provided a unique backdrop with surprises along the way.

Embracing Nature’s Challenge – A January Wedding in South Africa

Choosing January for their celebration, Hélène and Fergus embraced South Africa’s unpredictable thunderstorm and rain season. Surprisingly, the weather added drama, culminating in a stunning, sun-soaked African day.

Tranquil Oases and Curated Spaces at Pafuri Tented Camp

Upon arrival, the couple found themselves in a serene world. Pafuri’s curated lounging areas and inviting swimming spots set the stage for a joyous celebration.

Safari-Style Nuptials in the Fever Tree Forest

Escorted by a safari vehicle, Hélène made her way to the ceremony in the iconic Fever Tree Forest. Towering trees with light green bark provided a majestic canopy. A poignant moment unfolded as Hélène walked down the aisle with her father, capturing the emotions of the day.

A Moving Ceremony in the Heart of Nature

Conducted by Fergus’s uncle, the ceremony resonated with profound meaning. The exchange of rings, orchestrated by brothers, symbolised unity. The newlyweds sealed their vows with a kiss, showered with blessings against the wild backdrop.

Canapés in the Bush – A Culinary Adventure with Pafuri’s Exceptional Staff

In the heart of the bush, canapés showcased Pafuri’s culinary expertise. Frequent visitors, Hélène and Fergus found the staff had become an integral part of their extended family.

Wildlife Encounters – A Journey Back to the Lodge

As the safari vehicle traversed the landscape, unexpected wildlife encounters added awe to the day. A resilient elephant stood as a testament to the harsh realities faced by animals. The couple, avid birders, paused to relish the sights and sounds of the diverse birdlife.

Sunset Champagne at the Baobab Tree – A Toast to Resilience and Love

A stop at a majestic baobab tree marked a magical moment as the warm African sun bathed the surroundings in a golden glow. Hélène and Fergus embraced the beauty, appreciating the resilience of nature and the enduring love they shared.

Evening Splendour – Sparklers, Laughter, and Candlelit Dinner

Returning to the lodge, the couple was greeted by guests holding sparklers, creating a whimsical atmosphere. Freshened up for an intimate dinner, Hélène and Fergus enjoyed the evening under beaded chandeliers and the soft glow of candlelight.

The Culmination – A Beautiful Farewell to a Perfect Day

As the night unfolded, laughter and the clinking of glasses filled the air, marking the end of Hélène and Fergus’s wedding day. The beautifully set table, the warmth of the chandeliers, and the flickering candlelight provided the perfect backdrop for the couple to savour the final moments of their extraordinary day.

Some shout out’s go to:
Wedding Ring: Mark’s Diamonds | Hélène’s Wedding Dress: Watters

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Return Africa Logde, Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park, Pafuri Private Lodge

Pafuri Zebras

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