6 Reasons Engagement Photos Have Become a Thing

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Why Engagement Photos Have Become a Thing

I get asked so many time why engagement photos have become a thing. We are already engaged and with all the wedding planning it seems too much to add this to the to-do list. So here are 6 Reasons Why Engagement Photos are a Thing.

Why Engagement Photos Have Become a Thing

1. Getting to Know Each Other a Little Better.

Haven’t you noticed when you mom or sister wanna take a photo of you you’re all like: “Dang yeah! How do you want me?” And you just naturally strike a pose because she said so. In other words this is what it means to “getting to know each other.” It is so much easier to be in front of the camera when you are familiar with the person behind it. 
And it also gives me a good idea how you two are around each other and what your best angles are, wink-wink.

Why Engagement Photos Have Become a Thing

2. Wedding Day Confidence

So now that you have had some time in front of the camera you know just what to expect on your wedding day. One less thing you need to stress about.
In addition, hallelujah for additions, your friends and family will also be relaxed and confident because they get the vibes too.

Why Engagement Photos Have Become a Thing

3. Some More Photos Of the Two of You

Now having a bunch of photos of yourselves you can use them for your Save-The-Date’s, wedding website or even on the wedding day as part of your decor. The sky is the limit and it’s cool seeing pictures of yourselves, right?

Why Engagement Photos Have Become a ThingSee more of Lolli & Terrance’s Engagement Shoot here.

4. Combine It With Your Hair and Make-up Trial

Kinda yucky to think when you have your hair and make-up trial that afterward you go home and make dinner and get into bed. But with your engagement photo session in mind it does not go to waste. Hooray! And afterward, just think, you and your partner can go out for a romantic dinner or what ever get’s yours bells a-whistling. Two for the price of one! You’re welcome.

Why Engagement Photos Have Become a Thing

5. Embracing The Adventurous Spirit Within You

Or in my case dragging my home-based-ass out the door to get some fresh air and explore the world at my door step. Haha! But it is a great way to combine it with an activity you love to do or would love to do. Up in the mountains, or under a waterfall. Inner city coolness or rocking that new bed you just bought together. The options are endless. This engagement photo session is a reflection of the two of you and what gives you life and why you love each other so much. I am totally in with that!

Why Engagement Photos Have Become a Thing

6. Making Instagram More Beautiful

Above all, sharing your love with the world is the awesome sauce that makes it magic. A good profile photo or even part of your Instastories. Aah! C’mon, you know it’s a good idea.

Why Engagement Photos Have Become a Thing

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