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Muriël and Diederick’s African Bush Wedding in Monwana, Hoedspruit

When it comes to weddings, there’s something truly extraordinary about an African Bush Wedding. Muriël and Diederick’s wedding day unfolded amidst the breathtaking beauty of Thornybush Nature Reserve, set in a luxurious lodge nestled in the South African bushveld near Hoedpsruit. From the enchanting surroundings to the heartfelt moments shared, their celebration was nothing short of a magical experience.

Unveiling Monwana Game Lodge:

Tucked away amidst trees and expansive plains, Monwana Game Lodge beckoned with its exquisite charm. A haven for nature lovers, this luxury lodge offered unparalleled views and an authentic closeness to the African wilderness. Situated near to Hoedspruit in Thornybush Nature Reserve it forms part of the greater Kruger park. And from the moment one arrived, a sense of enchantment filled the air, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration.

A Serene Beginning:

The wedding day commenced with Diederick, his brother, close friends, and son sharing a tranquil morning at their house. Surrounded by the melodies of birdsong and the clinking of glasses, they savoured these precious moments. It was the perfect start to a day filled with love and joy.

Preparing with Elegance:

Muriël and her bridesmaids were pampered and treated to a feast of beautiful, colourful plates of food as they readied themselves for the day’s events. Embracing the tranquil ambiance of the spa, the atmosphere was relaxed and filled with joy. The presence of Muriël’s son joining the preparations added a special touch, a reminder of the cherished relationships shared.

Elegance Unveiled:

Muriël’s entrance in her exquisite wedding dress was a breathtaking sight. Every detail spoke of care and attention, radiating elegance that perfectly complemented the occasion.

A Moment Shared:

As the guests were escorted to the ceremony area in safari vehicles, Muriël was met by her father, and their heartfelt connection created a beautiful moment. The melodic voices of the staff serenaded Muriël and her father as they joined the gathering, an outpouring of celebration from the beautiful faces surrounding the couple.

Anticipation and Sweetness:

The excitement mounted as everyone eagerly awaited the ceremony. Muriël gracefully descended from the game-viewing vehicle, and in a heartwarming gesture, her son Jack ran to her side, gently assisting with her veil. It was an endearing moment that embodied the essence of family and love.

A Celebration of Love:

Special words were shared between Muriël and Diederick, filling the air with genuine joy. Their unique bond resonated with the guests, who celebrated alongside them, their eyes reflecting happiness and affection. This couple was truly cherished by their friends and family.

A Melodious Journey:

As vows were exchanged and rings placed, a choir serenaded the newlyweds, adding to the blissful ambiance. Showered with cluster-leaf seeds, the family boarded a safari vehicle, embarking on a journey to their canapé spot, accompanied by cheers, singing, and the soulful melodies of The Morning After Band.

An Exquisite Banquet:

Upon arrival, the couple and their guests were greeted with warm embraces and delectable canapés, freshly prepared and served with finesse. Amidst the African bushveld, Monwana guides ensured a safe and memorable experience, allowing everyone to mingle and reconnect.

Under the Starlit Sky:

As the sun set, the guests were whisked back to the lodge, where they refreshed themselves before being seated at a beautifully arranged table in the enchanting dry riverbed. The warm glow of crackling fires and flickering candles created a captivating atmosphere, accompanied by the symphony of nocturnal sounds. Monwana’s talented chefs prepared a culinary feast, delighting each guest with their carefully crafted meals.

Heartfelt Surprises:

After the heartfelt speeches, an unexpected surprise awaited Muriël. Diederick, aided by The Morning After Band, serenaded her with a song, their heartfelt gift adding another layer of love and thoughtfulness to the evening. The air was filled with emotion and gratitude.

Savouring Sweet Delights:

With dinner complete, a delectable dessert spread awaited everyone, showcasing the culinary prowess of Monwana Lodge. Indulging in a variety of mouthwatering treats, guests revelled in the flavours and the company of loved ones, creating lasting memories.

Dancing into the Night:

To ignite the dance floor, Muriël and Diederick kicked off the festivities with their lively presence. Emerging from the “bush” in vibrant safari costumes, the celebration took on a wild and energetic spirit, embodying the vibrant culture of Africa. It was an extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime commemoration.

Muriël and Diederick’s wedding at Monwana Lodge in the heart of South Africa’s bushveld was a truly magical experience. From the picturesque setting and heartfelt moments to the sumptuous cuisine and joyous celebrations, their wedding showcased the unique allure of an African bushveld luxury lodge wedding.

Some questions I asked the lovely couple. Always love to hear their perspective:

1. Tell us about Monwana and why you wanted to have your wedding there?

We fell in love with the bush and Africa the first time we arrived and always dreamed of getting married there.

2. What was challenging about hosting your wedding here and what was the biggest thing you had to compromise on?

Planning from abroad, differences in ‘wedding traditions’. We were very lucky and due to the support of all involved did not have to compromise on anything.

3. How did your guests feel about being “out in the wild”?

Blown away, they loved the intimacy, animals and especially the staff. one guest mentioned on day one ‘ I can’t explain exactly but there is something magical in the African air.’

4. What was bestest LOL moment for you?

Bride forgot the bridal bouquet (after having it rearranged several times at the last moment).

5. What memory do you have from your wedding day that you will never forget? What part of the day had effected you and your relationship the most?

Diederick, the groom, playing a surprise song on guitar in the evening and the vows.

6. Any advice or words of wisdom you would give to future couples who are planning their big day?

Get the best band you can find, stick to timings, and talk all expectations through with all involved. And make sure you have some time together in between even if it’s just 10 minutes.

All those that had a hand in Muriël and Diederick’s unique day:

Venue & Catering: Monwana | Planners: Embers Forever | Muriël’s Dress:  White Slax, Amsterdam | Hair: Chromatics | Make-Up: May’s Beauty | Florals: Olive and Rose | Diederick’s Suit:  Cad and the Dandy, London | Band: The Morning After | Rings:  Elegance London | Officiant: Eugene Potgieter | Other/s you would like to give shout out to: The Morning After Band, they really went the extra mile. And staff at Monwana and Shumbalala Lodge.

For international couples seeking an extraordinary destination to elope, South Africa offers a captivating blend of natural beauty, warm hospitality, and unforgettable experiences that will leave a lasting imprint on their hearts.

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Monwana Luxury Game Lodge near Hoedspruit has a natural setting in-between nature.

Monwana Luxury Safari

Monwana Luxury Safari

Monwana Luxury Game Lodge has beautifully curated decor.

Monwana Luxury Safari Wedding

Hoedspruit African Bush Wedding Photographer

Hoedspruit Wedding Photographer

Hoedspruit African Bush Wedding Photographer

Hoedspruit African Bush Wedding Photographer

Hoedspruit African Bush Wedding Photographer

Hoedspruit African Bush Wedding Photographer

Hoedspruit African Bush Wedding Photographer

Hoedspruit African Bush Wedding Photographer

Hoedspruit African Bush Wedding Photographer

Hoedspruit African Bush Wedding Photographer

Hoedspruit Wedding Photographer spotted a female lion.

Hoedspruit Wedding Photographer spotting a lioness.

Hoedspruit Wedding Photographer

Hoedspruit Wedding Photographer

Hoedspruit Wedding Photographer

Hoedspruit Wedding Photographer. Father and daughter and son walk down the isle.

Hoedspruit Wedding Photographer. Father and daughter and son walk down the isle.

Hoedspruit Wedding Photographer. Groom waiting for his lovely bride

Hoedspruit Wedding Photographer.

Hoedspruit Wedding Photographer.

Hoedspruit Wedding Photographer.

Hoedspruit Wedding Photographer.

Hoedspruit Wedding Photographer.

Hoedspruit Wedding Photographer.

Hoedspruit Wedding Photographer capturing that kiss!

Ceremony out in the african bushveld surrounded by wildlife.

Hoedspruit Wedding Photographer.

A joyous placing of the ring on the brides finger.

Hoedspruit Wedding Photographer. African singers

Walking down the isle!

Just married. Hoedspruit Wedding Photographer.

Hoedspruit Wedding Photographer capturing the game viewers

The Morning After Band. Hoedspruit Wedding Photographer.

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Cape Town Wedding Photographer

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