About Me

Hi, my name is Kim

From when I can remember I have always held a pencil, or a book in my hand, somehow always creating stuff. I remember making these unusual floral arrangements that I put together with things I found in the grandmother’s garden. I would excitedly announce the arrival of this very special gift and she would receive it with such thankfulness. I also remember paging through all the photo albums my Nanna kept of family and friends. I would sit for hours paging through them. Looking at the faces and places. History and art on pages. Not to mention, being ever so proud when I found my face on those pages too. Now that she has passed away I am the keeper of those books. Being an artist is something I was gifted with. And today as I look back I can see how everything has been so purposeful and how it has all FIT together to bring me to this time as a wedding photographer.
Marriage, family and legacy all fits together. All intertwined to form the beautiful tapestry of life. I need to tell these stories. To highlight the moments that we kinda forget. To show you that inside there is gold. And that these little moments are the precious jewels that bedazzle the crown YOU WEAR. Your story is important. Your story is in the moments of preparation. The moment where one of your bridesmaids burst out in tears when you put your wedding dress on. The moment when you see her, when you promise with a YES I DO! The moments where loved ones share in your happiness and celebrate this special day with you. Your story is unique. Its not just another pretty dress or instagram-able decor. It’s about the connection, your people, your story, your love.

It’s about the connection, your people, your story, your love.